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Vimal Solar Private Limited is a Private incorporated on 30 August 2013. It is classified as Non-govt company and is registered at Registrar of Companies, Mumbai. Mr. Rajendra Panditrao Borse Directors of Vimal Solar Private Limited Started company with a mission To make people realize the true potential of Nature in the form of solar energy.


To make people realize the true potential of Nature in the form of solar energy.


To provide effective Solar solution for any needs.


All major types of Solar equipment.


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We Provides all major types of Solar equipment, installation & maintenance.

Residential Services

We Provides all Solar equipment, installation & maintenance for residencials. Which is affordable for indivisuals.

Commercial Services

We also provides our solar services on commercial locations.

Industrial Services

We have also provides our solar services to small scale, large scale industries.

Solar Equipment

We Provides all major types of Solar equipment


we provide all system installation on location. after completing installation, demo is also given.


Every system or device has required maintenance on time. You don't worry about that , we have maintenance team which will provide good service to you.

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Just feed us your requirments and get a quotation. Let we together use natural resources. We will happy to save your money.


What is Solar Energy ?

Solar energy is radiant light and heat from the Sun that is harnessed using a range of ever-evolving technologies such as solar heating, photovoltaics, solar thermal energy, solar architecture, molten salt power plants and artificial photosynthesis.

importance of Solar Energy ?

It is an important source of renewable energy and its technologies are broadly characterized as either passive solar or active solar depending on how they capture and distribute solar energy or convert it into solar power. Active solar techniques include the use of photovoltaic systems, concentrated solar power and solar water heating to harness the energy. Passive solar techniques include orienting a building to the Sun, selecting materials with favorable thermal mass or light-dispersing properties, and designing spaces that naturally circulate air.

Will I see a difference in my lights or in how appliances run with solar ?

Solar electricity is identical to grid power, so you will never notice that the house is running on solar power. What you will see, of course, is a smaller electric bill.

What are the financial benefits of solar energy system?

When you install a solar energy system on your property, you save money on your electricity bills and protect yourself against rising electricity rates in the future. How much you can save depends on the utility rates and solar policies in your area, but going solar is a smart investment regardless of where you live.

Why should I install a solar energy system on my home or business?

Solar electricity offers a way to fix your electricity rate for more than 25 years. The maintenance-free panels come with a 25-year production warranty and the expected useful lifespan is up to 50 years. Your own solar electricity system can protect you from electricity price increases for decades. That’s a feeling of energy security that is hard to duplicate. Many of our clients feel better knowing that they are producing their own electricity without any environmental harm – that they are part of the energy solution and no longer part of the problem.


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